The Company


Aloe Sun Products LLC is a company devoted to aloe business, located at Edinburg, Texas, USA. This is the Lower Rio Grande Valley area, the heart of aloe vera business in the United States. 

Our company is registered under Number 0805537541 with the Department of Sates of Texas.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the aloe business. Our experience goes from the farm to aloe processing and the manufacture of the final aloe products. 

We know aloe from the farm to the table.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of consumers and for this reason our vision is to work daily to develop the best aloe-based formulations and solutions to achieve that mission.

Our partners and associates have more than 30 years working on aloe vera in various areas such as production, industrialization, marketing, research and development.

For this reason we have combined our effort and experience that are now in Aloe Sun Products LLC at the service of customers.

Aloe Sun Products LLC has an exclusive manufacturing agreement with its sister company Grupo Atzavera from Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Its aloe plantations, processing and manufacturing center are located in Llera, Tamaulipas, Mexico, just 200 miles from the US border in McAllen, Texas, ensuring fast delivery logistics and always freshly made products available to consumers. Today, Tamaulipas is the main cluster of aloe industry in the world, and we are here to serve you better.

We have a total commitment to customer satisfaction through personalized services, responsive support and customer engagement programs.